7 Ways to Humanize Your Marketing Automation

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7 Ways to Humanize Your Marketing Automation

7 Ways to Humanize Your Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is great. It saves you time and allows you to stretch your budget further.

It’s a great way to reach people – but only when it’s done correctly. If people hate reading your emails, they’re not going to stay subscribed to your list for very long.

If you want to create content that the recipients will actually enjoy, it starts with dropping the robotic tone and becoming a little more human.

  • Don’t Be Formal

Your customers don’t want to be spoken to the same way that business professionals do.

They’re real people. Using complicated sales jargon and statistics in a marketing email to the average consumer won’t mean much.

Some people even associate overly formal greetings with email scams. Don’t adopt the idea that “Hey” means something vastly different from “Hello”. Save the formal talk for the office. Speak to your customers in the same language they prefer to speak to you.

  • Develop a Personality

Marketing and branding go hand in hand.

If your brand has a voice, you should use that voice to create your marketing material. This is important for consistency.

If they love reading your social media content but your marketing emails feel “off” to them, your readers won’t take the emails seriously.

They’ve built your brand into a real person in their heads. Your marketing emails shouldn’t let them down. You want them to walk away with a complete picture of who you are.

  • Target Your Efforts

Don’t send out a single marketing email and expect it to cover everyone.

This is a big mistake if you offer a large variety of products and services. You should have several different emails that you send to people on different lists.

Maybe some people really like product A, and others like Product B. You may have some overlap.

If your emails are alienating part of your customer base, they’re going to feel like that email was blindly sent to them from a machine.

  • Don’t Market With a Vengeance

You want to inspire your subscribers to buy, buy, and buy some more. Shouting that at them, despite what you may believe, is not going to motivate them to do that.

If all they’re getting from your emails is a message that says “spend money”, they’re not going to be reading those emails for very long.

If the content seems thoughtful or useful, they’ll be willing to stick around for next week’s email. Thoughtful emails show that someone is behind the scenes.

  • Make Your Readers Laugh

Robots and humor are mutually exclusive. You don’t have to be a world class comedian to create a slightly humorous marketing email.

Using current memes or viral jokes to communicate to your customers will give them something they can relate to.

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t enjoy laughing. The warmth of a few current pop culture references will undoubtedly humanize you to your readers – that’s exactly why so many major brands play the “funny” card.

  • Put a Real Name on Your Content

If there are no names on your marketing emails, how do you readers know where they came from?

If you’ve worked with influencers to create a campaign or a product, make sure your readers know.

Do you have a prominent niche blogger who works for your company?

Credit them for composing the email. Your efforts won’t feel factory produced if your subscribers understand who is behind them. You’re removing the mystery of the source.

  • Back it Up With Live Customer Support

When your subscribers have comments or questions about what they’ve read in your email, how are they going to get their answers?

If you lead them through a complicated FAQ tree, they may lose interest.

Back up all of your automated efforts with real customer support. Invite your customers (or potential customers) to get in on the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

Use a live chat system for complicated requests or strings of questions.

Marketing automation is one of the most innovative and efficient tools you have at your disposal. As long as you’re putting real effort into your automation, your customers will take notice in a positive way.


Author’s Bio:

With her background in marketing and a great love for social media, Anne Grobler never passes an opportunity to share some of her marketing ideas and strategies with other experts online. Anne is currently working in Sydney, supporting OpenAgent – real estate experts. Follow her on her LinkedIn.

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