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Visitor Segmentation

MaaxMarket tracks visitors to your website and displays reports describing who they are and how they behave. Using segments, MaaxMarket tracks information relevant to you and the things you care about.

A segment is a set of criteria used to select only a part of the entire set of visits tracked by MaaxMarket. Using the segments you define, MaaxMarket will generate reports for only the visits the segment selects.This means you can generate reports for everyone that visits from that one country and see how they use your website. Alternatively, you can generate reports for everyone outside of that country and see how their behaviour differs.

For the most part, figuring out how to segment your data is a creative exercise. How you should segment depends entirely upon what you’re doing, what you want to achieve and what you want to know.

If you own a restaurant and are tracking visits to your restaurant’s website, you might be interested mainly in people who are located in the same area you are in. In this case, you might want to create a segment for these local visitors to learn more about them.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Let's use an example to understand segmentation. Simon is a master chef and owns a blog where he shares recipes.

  • Simon looks at his data and asks some questions. My blog has a group of steady commenters, but I see that there are a lot more visitors to my website. Yes, I get a lot of visits and most of them bounce. I wonder why they aren’t interested in my content?
  • Simon creates segments to answer his questions. I need a segment to see how the visitors who bounce behave and how different are they from returning visitors.
  • Simon gains insights. I see that all of my returning visitors use keywords like ‘good bolognese sauce’. They seem to know something about cooking already, whereas the visitors that don’t stick around use keywords like ‘meaty sauce’ or ‘how to cook meat’. It seems a lot of people who visit my website want to learn more about cooking in general, not find new recipes. Maybe if I write content for them, they’ll stick around. And maybe if I create info products for them, they’ll buy it.

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