Top 10 Best Branding Strategies for Social Media

The Miracles of Social Media! No one can imagine how far it has come up…

Social media offers you the perfect blend of tools which can be applied to any possible area of work – whether it is content marketing, social selling, or providing customer support. Social media presents the perfect platforms for businesses to not only reach the target audience but also build a brand name.

Branding Strategies for Social Media

Nowadays, the competition has acquired a more online presence where the businesses compete to strengthen their media profiles to gain as many followers as possible. There is now a need to create a differentiation between brand identities. It goes without saying that social media is extremely important for building this influence and ensuring a constant and steady flow of followers.

1. You Need To Choose The Correct Network


The first step of formulating a brand strategy is to pick and focus only on those social media networks, which will be the perfect fit for your business. With so many apps out there, it is a task to find those social media apps which are in line with the image, goals, and objective of your brand name. Various factors like target audience, product/service to be provided, etc. must be kept in mind while making such choices because the wrong pick may delay your progress.

2. Amp up that Visual Branding

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Visual branding plays a crucial role in broadcasting your social media reach. The main thing to keep in mind while creating visuals for various social media apps is to maintain consistency across all the channels or pages of the company. The aim is to ensure that people immediately recognize your brand no matter the app or website that they are using. Differences among the app presentation may create an unwanted disconnect among the users. Rely on a common theme, color palette, logo/avatar, etc. which will make people immediately think of your brand.

3. Influencer Marketing

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This method of building the brand name is a common one. Many businesses collaborate with ‘influencers’ or people with a substantial number of followers to promote their brand. The focus should be on getting an influencer who is not only in line with the intended target image but also enables the audience to associate the influencers with such image. Therefore, the first step must be to identify the relevant influencers, contacting them and trying to build a relationship, and finally launching the campaign.

4. Develop A Social Media Voice

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It is important that your brand’s personality is reflected in social media posts about it. A social media voice helps you in communicating information about your brand to your intended audience. Whether it is via tweets, Facebooks posts or Instagram stories, your social media voice allows you to connect with your followers and audience, talk about your company culture and most importantly, allowing you to establish your authenticity.

5. Consistent Content Strategy


Consistency is the key to building a strong foundation for your brand strategy. It is always better to curate content, which has a steady flow and isn’t very self-promotional in nature. Keep it simple and easy to understand. The main thing to do before posting any such content is to create a guideline of all the topics to share and streamline your efforts accordingly. Pick those topics which are related to your brand and focus on them. Any diversion from such a strategy may seem out of place and could create confusion.

6. Regular Posting

Publishing or posting of any kind must be done regularly and religiously. Nothing spells disaster for your social media branding than the irregular posting of content. Frequency of your posts obviously depends on your audience, but developing such a pattern may only be done via trial and error. Usually, most companies rely on social media publishing and analytics tools to ensure that the posts are sent out only on those times when a maximum number of users/followers are online and active. This helps in maintaining reliability and regularity of the brand.

7. Utilize Bio/Profile

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It is a common practice to leave the bio/profile space empty, which is a mistake that most make. In the initial stages of building your brand, it is important to utilize this space to let prospective followers know about your brand and what business your company is involved in. Make sure not to use random hashtags or quotes – focus on describing your brand in less than one or two sentences.

8. Promote Your Profile

Taking the first step is crucial in building your social media branding. The initial few stages of this process may be a little tedious and even slow. Getting a first few followers can be a task, but it will help in building the foundation that you are looking for. Such social media profiles must be promoted and done without a passive attitude. Promotion of the brand must be embraced with all their social media channels, etc.

9. Interact With Other Users


On a social media web site, it is important that businessmen and company officers interact personally with the follower via tweeting or commenting on the Instagram /Facebook post. Utilize this space to create and promote brand awareness.

10. Measure Your Efforts

To ensure that your brand building is going in the right direction, measure your social statistics like engagement, audience reach, etc. Such tools help in refining your brand strategy and reveal whether the tools applied are working or not. Like, conducting ad performance surveys helps in knowing whether the target audience is being reached or not.


The priority of every new business looking to enhance their social media standing must be to focus on their branding to ensure that an all-around effort is being made to propagate the business. It is usually very common, and easier, to focus simply on the content being posted and employing strategies to increase the number of followers only. While this strategy could work in the short run, the long run requires a strategy which creates a bridge between your brand and social media.

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