Real Time Visitor Analysis

Real Time Visitors

MaaxMarket offers real time web analytics reports. These reports will include the most recent visits, ensuring you always access up-to-date analytics data.

Live website visitor widget is displayed in the MaaxMarket Dashboard by default, and shows the real time flow of visits to your website. It also displays a real time counter of your visits and page views in the last 24 hours and the last 30 minutes.  The widget refreshes every 5 seconds, and displays new visits at the top of list with a fade-in effect.

The real time website visitor widget also shows the list of page views and actions the visitor performed on your site. Hovering over the icon will show the page name and the time that the page was accessed. Clicking on the icon will open the actual page on your website for you to get more details.

Real Time Map

Visualize your visitor at real time in geographical map which helps to understand where your customers are coming from

Visitor Count

View the number of visitors coming to your website in real time and engage with them immediately. 


Analyze the behavior of each visitor in real time to track and analyze the usage of website and application. 


Websites added and tracked


Events monitored


Successful Sales Conversions


Visitors Personally Engaged

MaaxMarket visitor log is a tool that allows you to see all the visits on your site, and browse through these visits to check on individual user sessions. It is useful to browse individual user sessions on your site and understand what your visitors were looking for, whether they found an answer, or to see which pages they looked at before converting your Goals

Real Time Visitor

MaaxMarket visitor profile shows in one report a summary of information about a particular visitor to your website, or user of your app. The Visitor profile lists all previous visits from this visitor, and information about the first and last visit, as well as showing the map with visitor location(s). This report is available in real time for any visitor currently on the website.

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