In a world where social media has taken over the lives of people, the use of slang and improper grammar has become extremely common. People nowadays do not focus much on the grammatical correctness of a specific sentence simply because they want to save much of their time. Moreover, even if the vocabulary or grammar is not corrected, it doesn’t make much of a difference due to the informal way of talking/chatting. However, when it comes to professional SEO level, and digital marketing the production of grammatically perfect articles is very important to rank a site in higher search results.

Why is it so? Refer to the text below for the reason.

You might not focus on articles and the proper grammar on a daily basis while informally talking to someone, but when it comes to the professional level and you have to write articles which you know will be read by people, then you must be focused upon the use of grammar.
Let’s first become aware of the purpose of grammar and also the different tools and components which the grammar focuses upon.


Grammar basically focuses on the structures of specific words and their arrangement in sentences. Grammar can be referred to as a set of rules. Rules upon which not only the written but the spoken language is also highly based so we can understand each other correctly.

The components or the roots of grammar are about 8. Nouns, Pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, and prepositions. The correct use of all these 8 parts is what makes a sentence grammatically correct. However, their placement also plays a vivid role in the correction of grammar.

Every single sentence can be broken down into two parts. One can be the subject of the specific sentence, and the other can be the information providing part of the predicate. Along with this, the sentence also includes clauses, phrases, and modifiers in the sentence to make the sentence extra clear and attractive to the readers. Moreover, the use of these is highly important for composing grammatically correct writings. Along with this, grammar also covers the spellings of specific words. If a sentence has to be considered satisfactory on all levels of the grammatical rules, then spellings must also be correct. Punctuation and capitalization play their profound roles as well.


In recent years, language development has taken place but regard to grammar has been little to a minimum while this development occurs. Even the educationists are more concerned and bothered about how fluent an individual is with speaking a language and NOT on the grammar.

1– When it comes to the importance of the production of grammatically correct SEO articles, we must put emphasis on the audience reading the articles and the topic of the specific article. If the topic is a serious or informative one, then the use of informal language or grammatically incorrect sentences can create a bad influence. It might even make the readers go uninterested simply because they might not take whatever you have composed or written seriously because of the level of unprofessionalism that might be present in those SEO articles.
Your grammar is highly influential in your writings. A good writer is considered to be the one who, not only writes upon interesting topics and puts together information about that topic but also keeps in view the grammar and all the rules that must be followed.

2– Experts say that the use of wrong grammar can create communication gaps /between the reader and the writer because the reader might not be able to understand everything that the writer wants to convey. The writing might not be clear and the readers might face difficulties reading an article full of errors.

3– Along with the conversation gap that might be created, there exists one very prominent issue and that is the creation of a negative impact and a negative image in front of the readers or those who are interested in the content that you post.

4– If you are working somewhere and have been told to write an article, your grammar is specifically noticed and focused upon while judging the overall profile of the employee.


Thanks to the internet, now there are different English corrector tools that can be brought into use while knowing the potential errors that might be present in your SEO articles. This is really helpful especially when you are writing on a really big scale. Moreover, these grammar and spelling checking tools also provide for the corrections of the mistakes that you might have made during the writing of the article. These tools correct the specific word and then provide the reason of why it needed the correct.

An online grammar checker is easily accessible. Using these tools is extremely simple. You can either copy-paste text or you can enter the text in the box directly. After you do so, the mistakes and errors are highlighted and the corrections are immediately shown alongside the errors.

It can work well for any type of writing. Be it for business, blogs, and so much more. Moreover, it can correct sentence composition, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and all such types of errors.

Guest Author: Jackson Keil – Content Auditor, Moussaoui