Meet Don. The AI engine from MaaxMarket

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We looked at the marketing automation industry and felt that there is lot of crap floating around. We wanted to simplify the whole digital marketing industry. Build something revolutionary that will change the way how marketing is done. What if you have a virtual marketing manager who can run all your digital marketing campaigns on behalf of your company?

Meet Don. The artificial intelligence engine designed and developed by MaaxMarket. Don analyzes your marketing data and predicts outcomes based on customer behaviour. He analyzes your email campaigns, social media & website traffic to suggest best time to send and schedule campaigns & social media posts.

Don is built to process Natural Language using NLP / NLU and deep learning for on the job AI training.

He is someone whom you can actually talk to and get more insights on your marketing data. Don is also built in a way he learns from his mistakes. In the event of failed suggestions, he will understand why the suggestion failed and will try to correct that next time.


What’s more interesting is you can perform all your digital marketing activities with MaaxMarket. You can execute

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing (Schedule Posts & Tweets)
  3. Real time website visitor tracking
  4. Predictive Lead Scoring
  5. Integrated chat functionality (similar to Slack channel)
  6. Integration with SalesForce and Slack and lot’s more…

But instead of you as a small business owner / marketing manager sitting down and executing these campaigns, Don is going to execute the campaigns. You just have to ask Don what you are looking for he is going to help you.


Don will also help you to integrate your website and social media accounts to MaaxMarket and even guide to send your first email marketing campaign. If Don recognizes that there are some campaigns, templates and posts that perform better, it will prompt you to do similar campaigns again to get better results. It will actually do those campaigns for you.

Are you interested in trying Don? We offer a 30 day free trial of MaaxMarket. Our pricing is also extremely simple and straightforward

Basic Plan – $10 / month (for up to 1000 contacts)

Premium Plan – $99 / month (for up to 25000 contacts)

Enterprise Plan – $499 / month (for up to 50000 contacts)

There is no commitment or contract. A simple month to month plan which you can cancel anytime. More details on pricing can be found at

For a personal demo of MaaxMarket, please send us an email to

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