How to get website traffic on Google

  • July 24, 2017
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Get website traffic from googleHow to get website traffic on Google!

Getting website traffic is not a big deal, but getting the targeted website traffic is what matters the most.

Who are your customers and who are your visitors?

Customers are the targeted audience, whereas visitors are not. Every visitor is not your potential customer. So, here’s how you can get the targeted website traffic you want from Google.

Why from Google?

Apparently, Google is the main source of advertisement for any business to grow online. 90% of the internet users around the globe use Google as their search engine, including me. Whenever I write an article, I wish it would come first on the Google listings. It’s everyone’s goal, isn’t it?

To win the first position, we have to optimize (SEO) our page with keywords in a way that attracts Google spiders. You must use Google search console to optimize your website and make it more SEO friendly.

The hardest part of SEO is keyword research, but there are several methods which provide effective results.

How to get website traffic on Google

This question is frequently asked on most of the forums. To be frank, nobody is going to reveal how they get traffic because if they do, they might find a lot of competitors overtaking them in business.

Instead of asking others, we can easily find some ideas by doing a little research on the top ranked pages to find out their on-page and off-page strategies that have worked for them.

Keyword research is pivotal for your business ranking. The keywords you have chosen and their density in your articles and website content is what matters most when it comes to ranking better.

4 simple things to help you receive website traffic from Google

  1. Keyword
  2. Image
  3. Content
  4. Link Building


Make sure the page heading and the description have the keyword mentioned at least once. Only by using keywords, Google can correctly understand what your page is about. The words on your website page describe your business.

So, be very careful while using keywords and never over stuff keywords. Try to find out the common search terms your customers use. If you are unable to gauge what your target audience search for, then you can make use of the Google suggestion keywords. Use those search terms as your keywords to optimize your pages better.

How to do a keyword research?

It is not easy, unless you have some knowledge of Google Adwords.

Under the tools menu, you will find the option ‘keyword planner,’ which gives an approximate result on search volumes. Choose a long tail keyword which has medium search volume and try using it in your online content to make your business pages rank better.

We can use 3 levels to separate keywords in order to rank better.

Level 1: Let us consider the word->Shoes; where we concentrate on a single keyword which is very hard to rank for.

Level 2: Red Shoes; here we scrutinize the search term with colour which is still a little hard to rank for

Level 3: Nike Red Shoes; here is the exact search term. We concentrate on a particular search query which is more specific and ranking for this query is easier when compared to level one and two.

It is always preferable to use a long tail keyword, such as the one in level 3 in order to rank better in Google Search Engines.


A single image can express 1000 words. Most of the online visitors won’t read an article which is filled with nothing but words. I have also skipped many articles just because they didn’t have any images in them.

Steps to carry out when uploading images onto your website or blog:

  1. Add the image using the keyword as the file name
  2. Try to add more relevant images with alt attributes, under all subheadings
  3. The image size should not exceed 150KB

Uploading a big sized image can affect the website loading speed. You can check this by using Google page speed insights, which scores a page ranging from 0 to 100. It performs speed test for desktop, mobile and tablet and provides optimized results for all pages.

Visitors through Google always prefer to look at sites which have images explained through content.


Content is the reason for any search. Whenever a user types any query on the Google search engine, Google’s duty is to provide the best and most refined answers from the indexed pages. Usually, the page which has in-depth knowledge about that topic and the best content will be delivered as the top result.

Content with value is the best content and it encourages visitors to share and comment which in turn increases its ratings. Keep updating the content with new information, or a more detailed article from a competitor will bring you down.

Try to have at least 800+ words on your post. The more in-depth you go, the more visibility you get with the search engines.

Link building

Link building is the way of getting other sites to post links to your website or blog in their pages. It shows how pages are related to each other. It’s like a navigator. You can also drive the traffic wherever you want within your website through internal linking.

External links are built to show Google that you are related to that page or content as well as to drive traffic to your site. Google trusts websites which have links from other high authority websites.

The links are of two types: do-follow and no-follow. Do-follow allows passing of link juice which improves domain authority but no-follow wont. So, try to gain both do-follow as well as no-follow to rank better and get website traffic on Google.

Every website wants to be on the top, so keep trying with different methods till you get there at the first place.

1 Comment
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