How to do Digital Marketing


ways to do Digital Marketing

How to do Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing – what is it? Is it just a fancy term or a something more?

Digital Marketing is anything you do online. It basically consists of three things – Grab the users’ attention, drive them to your website and convince them to buy your products or download your app. Digital marketing is also measurable and you don’t have to sit around wondering about the results of your campaign. You can identify the methods that work and focus your time on those, instead of trying strategies that have failed repeatedly.

Traditional marketing is expensive, time consuming and its results cannot be measured. But digital marketing is measurable, less expensive and can be tested and customized easily.

In order to get started, follow these how to’s!

  • How to learn from other brands

Digital marketing is all about how much effort you put into it. One of the best things to do is to research the online marketing strategies of other companies that have already created a name for themselves. Start with companies in your industry with brands that is admired by many. You can also look at companies which have a strong online presence established.

  • How to understand your audience

Digital marketing is somewhat similar to conventional marketing. The end result is for your potential customers to engage with your brand so that you can sell your products. You can only do this by understanding them and what they expect from a product such as yours. You can do that by:

  1. Conducting market research in order to learn more about your customers
  2. Using discussion forums, social media, email or blog comments to engage with your customers
  3. Handling customer complaints with care and understanding and learning from it
  4. Asking for feedback regarding the products and services your company offers
  • How to engage with your customers

Different types of customers prefer different types of digital marketing methods. For example, younger generations today may prefer push notifications while the others may like emails better. So, here’s how you can effectively use every communication method:

  • Blog – You can have a blog separately or as a part of your website. Blogs provide a personal insight into your business and make it more human and approachable. Blogs can also be a platform for your customers to leave their feedbacks.
  • Social Media – Your brand should be present on various social media channels, preferably where your customers are already present. Other than being a digital marketing tool, it also engages your customers and also acts as a feedback system.
  • Email – Email marketing has been around for decades and 75% of adults have confirmed that they prefer email marketing. So, always include it in your digital marketing campaigns. Make sure that the subject line, content and the design of your emails are A1.
  • How to fully optimise Google and SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making sure that your website ranks well on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The following four are the key areas you should work on when posting your content online in order to achieve great SEO ranks.

  • Structure

Your website should contain basic information such as an ‘about us’ page, a ‘contact us’ page, what you can do for your customer and why should they choose you over other brands. Once you have these basics in place, you can expand your website over time.

  • Content

Search engines love good content. How to write great content? Write about your business in a way that is informative, helpful and interesting to get better rankings and better traffic.

  • Keywords

Do not stuff your webpages with just keywords in the hopes of ranking high in search engines. If you stuff keywords in your pages, you will be penalised or removed from SEO listings altogether.

  • Accessibility

Make sure your device is compatible with all devices and that the pages appear without any glitch. Make sure to test them and have your web developer fix any issues that occur.

  • How to have your customers build your brand

Customers can be your company’s ambassadors as well. For example, luxury car or bike brands are loved so much that customers wear the company’s logo with pride. With some effort and the right rewards, you can also do something similar using digital marketing.

  • How to get quick results with digital marketing

Time and effort can get you great SEO results, but for a quick result, you can always consider paying for your digital marketing campaigns. Pay per click (PPC) online ads target specific audience based on their keyword searches. PPC can seem expensive, but you only have to pay when people click on your ad or visit your website. You will also be able to track the source of each click with its unique code.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how big and well thought out your digital marketing plan is if it does not generate sales leads for your business. You can use marketing automation products that help you compare the success of your various campaigns.

Remember to refresh your digital marketing campaigns, test new ideas and watch other companies and find out the best ways to promote your business.


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