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Website Heat-map 

Inspired by augmented reality  our website heat-map shows analytics data directly on your website.

Most analytics tools are overwhelming because they show everything they have, and argue it's "Big Data". You need analysts to dig up the info and they sometimes cannot get it because of sampling. Heat-map comes with no sampling, and breaks down its Big Data to only provide the data that make sense to you, to track in real-time the performance of your site.

Who cares about what happened yesterday when you cannot change it? Most online contents are short-lived and only real-time analytics allow you to act right on time.The heat-maps appear in seconds on your screen, and are constantly updated: no need to reload your page! Edit your content, change a picture, then see the impacts of your change immediately.

E-commerce Tracking

Analyze what features your customers are checking before purchasing online

Custom Heat-Map

We develop content management systems (CMS) to enable you to manage site content effectively.

Global Tracking

User interactions are captured whatever the user's location, browser or OS

Effective Web Development Solutions

Heat-map analytics for web development

Use our heat map analytics to build a responsive website based on user's visual click tracking data. These metrics helps you to build a website that is highly productive with better outcomes

Heat-map is the best tool for your website

We use complex data points that allow visualizing content and clicks for the website and site architecture. These information helps us to construct a real time heat map of the website and landing pages based on the user behaviour. Check out our 30 day free trial to free the heat map feature of MaaxMarket for free. I am sure we can unlock lots of opportunities for your website.

Effective Web Development Solutions

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